10 Minute CBT - Mental Wellbeing During Covid-19

Supporting Health Professionals and Patients | taught by Dr Lee David

Course description

This 2-hour free video education module is designed for health professionals in primary care and many other settings.  The first section of the module reviews the commonest emotional reactions experienced by health professionals and the general public, to the Covid-19 pandemic, and provides some quick tips and brief strategies for coping effectively during and after the crisis situation.

The second section will follow shortly and will include an overview of a series of steps for emotional wellbeing and resilience known as 'FACE-COVID', which are based on CBT, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness and compassion-focused therapy.

Dr Lee David
Dr Lee David
GP and CBT Specialist

I am a GP and cognitive-behavioural therapy specialist based in the UK.  I am the founder and director of 10 Minute CBT.  We provide face to face and online education for GPs and other health professionals in the use of evidence-based, realistic and effective brief CBT concepts and skills in routine consultations. 

I am author of the textbook, Using CBT in General Practice: The 10 Minute CBT Handbook (Scion Publishing, 2013) and I am in the process of writing a new book on understanding and managing anxiety disorders in primary care.


  • MB BS
  • BSc (Social Psychology as applied to health)
  • MRCGP (distinction)
  • MA (cognitive-behavioural therapy)
  • PG Cert (medical education)

10 Minute CBT is used in a wide variety of settings including primary care mental health, medication and chronic disease management and for cancer and palliative care.  Dr David has a particular interest in promoting patient self-management for both physical and emotional problems, as well as in supporting health professionals to develop emotional resilience and wellbeing at work in one-to-one sessions via Skype.

Reviews (58)

mental well being during covid -19

by veronica coop
already it is making me think what is needed for myself, colleagues and patients. I have passed on the the details to patinets

by Sonali Roy

by Meera Gondhia
Great course Nicely explained Perhaps could be more succinct Thanks
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mental well being during covid -19

by veronica coop
already it is making me think what is needed for myself, colleagues and patients. I have passed on the the details to patinets

by Sonali Roy

by Meera Gondhia
Great course Nicely explained Perhaps could be more succinct Thanks

by Nejla Hussain

mental well being

by sabaika khalid
it's a good course.Learned about the mental well being

Mental well-being during Covid 19

by eleanor fitzgerald
Concise clear advice and helpful hints included ie apps to download for use with patients also

Good for volunteers

by Susan Wilford
I volunteer as a Samaritan and found that it refreshed areas of training and gave further insights.

10 minute cbt mental wellbeing during covid 19

by Helen Adcock
Useful summary of tools and techniques to deal with a variety of emotions during covid. The mindfulness exercises were particularly useful and highlighted different aspects and approaches e.g. focus on breath, gratitude, noticing and naming. The resources listed at the end very helpful as well. This course was written at the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic, so it may be useful to update as time goes on e.g. with focus on dealing with fatigue/burnout should there be second and third waves and perhaps broadened to health and social care professionals and academics who may be facing economic and identity difficulties.

Whole course

by Rachel howard

Mental well-being during covid -19

by ali glaister
This course was well designed and helpful for myself and for helping staff and patients too Thank you 👍🙏

by Amanda Goode goode

by Jocelin Cameron
Very helpful,one of the best wellbeing resources I have come across

by sandy abasta

by sadef mahmood

Mental Wellbeing During Covid-19

by Vivienne Zeitlin
Helpful in putting perspective on the Pandemic and our work situation.


by Tsitsi Pretty Chakadonha
absolutely helpful session. did this over a couple of days. Love that they offer of different technique options, sample to see what each method entails and able to make an informed choice thank you

10 minute CBT Mental wellbeing

by Diana Matthews
Excellent bite sized pieces, animal pictures very sweet and helpful

by Christina Sharkey

by Ali Ali


by Jiri Pechan

10 Minute CBT

by Elaine Paisley
useful for patients and for personal use , not just for covid-19 but in all areas of life.

by Lucy Stewart
I found this really helpful during this difficult time. I particularly liked the mindfulness exercises and the ABLE meditation, on letting go of our need for certainty. The only thing I do find difficult is that the way of treating ourselves kindly encouraged by this module, and mindfulness/ACT etc generally is so totally at odds with how we, as doctors, are treated by management ,NHS England and the government, all of whom just harass us to do more and more with insufficient resources. It is very strange that for the first time in about 5 years my days as a GP aren't totally overwhelming with 12 hour days filled with paperwork,, patient demands, having to deal with complaints, as a practice.

Mental well being

Excellent course. Nice tips to help me personally and to also help my patients. I have started to use some of this advice for my patients. Thank you.

by Saw Aung

Useful resource

by Dr. Jawad Al-Timman
Could be used for self and learn the skill to apply to patients

by Jane Cumming
very helpful


by sumathi ravichandran

Helpful Tips and Plentiful Resources

by David Magee
There are introductions to CBT and Mindfulness and many resources for Drs and patients. While these techniques are not everything that can be said or done there is a lot of good in them

10 minute CBT - Mental Wellbeing During Covis19

by Angela Hutchinson
Thank you for this free course, I found it most helpful on a personal and professional level.

by Shalini kakar
Very useful

by Heidi Partington

by Joann bolton
Very informative.... enjoyed it..

10 minute CBT-mental wellbeing during Covid -19

by Mercedes Musgrove
Excellent module . I suggest that everyone who gets the chance to do this module should do. I have found it so helpful .Thank you

by Douglas Kyffin

Some useful take home tips

by Ayla McCamphill-Rose
Longer than I expected but useful guide to managing emotions for ourselves, our colleagues and our patients during this crazy time.


by Carolyn Scott

C ourse much longer than i though

by michael connolly
Good overall and well structured and frank

10 minute CBT - mental Wellbeing During Covid-19

by jacqui macdonald-davis
Excellent resource, useful during Covid-19 and beyond. Could be tweaked to use with students studying for exams (e.g. GCSEs, A levels as well as whilst studying at university). Plus, Students experiencing bullying or other forms of anxieties. Each section, short, delivered in a calming voice. Liked the mindfulness exercises Very useful resource list.

by Adesayo Daramola

10 Minute CBT - Mental Wellbeing During Covid-19

by Paul Gilbert MD
Well-organized with pragmatic exercises

by Mary Bunn


by Ruth Doggart
Helpful tips for clinical staff and patients


by Pamela barcella
Very good course. Helpful tips. Clear explanations. Fantastic practices.

by Chang-Sun Park
Great course, thankyou This sort of thing would be fab if patients could access this too

10 Minute CBT - Mental Wellbeing During Covid-19

Good practical advice = I understand the processes better now & react better

by Elizabeth Duthie

by richard lawson

Mental Wellbeing During Covid-19

by kate brennan
Timely and useful especially things to do when you can't get to sleep and (going off piste) the extra gratefulness exercises.


by annie forester
good intro

Mental well-being during Covid-19

by cynthia lake
Provides good insight into well-being and links to helpful websites

10 minute CBT

by Bipinchandra Patel
Excellent small steps that is easy to follow. Good resources given as well.


by Vatsala Acharya
very useful to refresh seeing the situation around us .

10 min CBT

by Aquila Hasan
very useful but difficult to fit into GPs 10mins consultation

Great, explicit information

by Alycia Ferguson
Really clearly explained and covers important factors that link and make sense.

As above

by Iram Afshan

Common Emotional Reactions

by Dr Humphrey Akufo-Tetteh
Very useful and practical. Helpful in managing anxious patients who seem to entertain negative thoughts all the time which result in chronic insomnia and full of advise about how to help them channel their efforts into positive thinking.

by Rena Young

by Snezana Knezevic