Introduction to 10 Minute CBT

Basic principles of CBT and CBT communication skills | taught by Dr Lee David

Course description

This 2-hour online training module is designed to give participants a basic understanding of the CBT framework and an introduction to how to use a 10 Minute CBT approach in short consultations.

The training programme comprises video lectures and role-play demonstrations, written notes and interactive questions to facilitate learning.

The training will cover:

  • Understanding the basic principles of CBT and a five-areas or cognitive-behavioural model (CBM)
  • An introduction to applying this model to common primary care problems such as depression, anxiety and pain
  • Provide an overview of the core communication skills for using a 10 Minute CBT approach in brief consultations to build strong relationships and facilitate change
  • Learn strategies to improve collaboration and empower patients to manage their own problems
  • Video demonstrations of each skill in action
  • An overview of key strategies for managing time pressures and using time more effectively
Dr Lee David
Dr Lee David
GP and CBT Specialist

I am the founder and director of 10 Minute CBT.  I am a GP and cognitive-behavioural therapy specialist based in the UK.


  • MB BS
  • BSc (Social Psychology as applied to health)
  • MRCGP (distinction)
  • MA (cognitive-behavioural therapy)
  • PG Cert (medical education)

During a Masters degree in CBT, my research dissertation focused on identifying useful ways for GPs and other health professionals to incorporate CBT skills into brief consultations.  Since then I have continued to focus on developing approaches to the effective application of CBT principles in non-traditional therapy settings, particularly those with limited time.

My aim is to improve the management of patients with mental health conditions as well as improving care for psychological aspects of physical health conditions and patients with health anxiety / medically unexplained symptoms.   I am also interested in using CBT, acceptance, self-compassion and mindfulness to promote emotional resilience and enhance wellbeing among health professionals.